We have come up with ‘5 reasons why SMBs need ad films‘ because Small Medium businesses are the backbone of the industry. It presents a considerable contribution to the industry through its employment and production. In India, small-medium businesses contribute to a significant share of the industry. Small-medium businesses are hugely part of the unorganized labour sector, contributing more than 60% of the Gross Domestic Product. This contribution is the single-most substantial contribution to the economy. Significant employment in the industry is provided by these small-medium businesses. The single-most largest workforce is provided by this sector to the economy.

Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) are and have been often overlooked due to the lack of organized activities in it. But now SMBs have changed, and there is a need to change with their marketing activities and strategies. This has arrived with the change in digital marketing. Social media marketing, video marketing, content creation and blogging are parts of digital marketing. Visual marketing is one of the best tools that digital marketing has and that it offers. Video marketing and photo marketing are forms of visual marketing. Visual marketing is very effective due to its aesthetic nature and impactful nature it provides for the brand.

Brand Personality

Films are full versions of a corporate. The sale of a product or service by the brand is offered through its value. Brand value and brand loyalty build brand personality. The brands thus require absolute value and loyalty in the industry to develop their character. Brand value is provided by the target audience on the products and services of the brand. Brand loyalty is formed on the feedback and issues of its customer base and target audience. Ad films are the best way to develop a good and positive brand personality. HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate film production company that has a team of experts which helps you build your brand personality through ad films.

Brand Personality

Social Media Management

Films include all the product and services offered by the corporate for their sale of the brand. A brand does not sell a product or service. It sells an idea. The question arises how and where to sell your idea? How to make your design reach a specific audience which is interested in your product? The answer is social media. Social media is the best and the most effective way to reach your target audience and make an impact. Ad films created by the creator through videos are shareable and engaging due to the nature of the videos. These ad films are best to make an impact and build your brand personality. HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate film production company that has a team of experts which helps you in social media management through ad films.

SEO Ranking

“Content is King”. This is the motto in content creation and creative writing industry. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that makes it the king. An SEO is like a way to a location. It’s a map. It maps you to your desired location with the content. You have the entire content, but it is useless without a direction. The content is of no use unless Google feels that it is useful. SEO optimizes your video with the correct keyword. The most crucial thing in a video, according to SEO, is its thumbnail, which works best when it is SEO optimized and will put your video among the top on the charts. HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate film production company that has a team of experts which helps you in SEO Ranking through ad films.


There is no point in providing good SEO rankings through ad films, developing brand personality and doing social media management. All the above steps are being taken for a single purpose to provide a productive and enriching user experience. User experience is much much crucial for your brand. A good user experience increases your brand dependency and brand loyalty of the user. A good User Experience indicates that you have the right SEO strategy and will put your ad film at the top of Google. User Experience is clearly defined by how good your Social media marketing strategy is and how well you’re managing it. A good UX indicates a productive and enriching user experience. Know more about UX. HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate film production company that has a team of experts which helps you in creating the best UX for your audience through ad films.

Sales and ROI

A good UX, along with the comprehensive social media management and SEO ranking, builds brand loyalty. Sales of these ad films are much more critical. Right sales graph means the people are interested in the brand’s product or service. A right sales pitch according to the workflow and marketing strategy of the corporate needs to be chalked out and is much essential in the process. Return on Investment (ROI) is the best sales feedback strategy that a brand can pursue. It indicates how well the people liked your bran’s service or product. It signifies how your target audience felt about your brand.

Sales and ROI

HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate production video house that creates ad films for your brand. Lastly, if you’re somewhat interested in gaining a rich and nurtured filmmaking experience and are interested in leaping forward in ad films, do check out this link https://hashtagpp.com/video-production/ to book a free 15-minute session with our film making experts.