Hey, how are you doing? I hope you are great. Have you ever wondered why everyone is so focused on embedding CTAs on a website? If so, then we are here to ease you by answering the question “Why are CTAs important?”.

But before knowing, why are they important, We must know what is a CTA. A CTA, C2A, or a CtoA refers to Call to Action

You might be wondering what is a call to action? Well, according to Google, a Call to Action is a stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem. Did you get that? No? Okay, follow me.

Remember that Facebook ad when you clicked or tapped on the “Learn More” button? That is a CTA, also, do you remember you liked and subscribe to the video because it asked you to like and subscribe (of course that is backed by some good content)? That is CTA.

Basically, a CTA or a Call to Action is anything that urges the audience to do as is told.

Yeah, now you are getting the hold of it.

Now comes the important part, Why are CTAs important?

In my opinion, 

  1. CTAs are important because they can help you to guide your audience or potential customers through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates. An effective CTA can turn the table of your sales and it can prove to be the best converting funnel over anything else.
  2. People are now looking out for CTAs everywhere, whether in the ads or on a website. If they are interested in your product, then they want to be told how are they going to purchase, and for this, you can guide them using CTAs.
  3. Suppose, you wrote a blog, giving information to your audience or potential customers and ended the article, now what? There comes the CTA, ask them to take the action!

Now that you know using CTA plays a crucial part in the conversion of your leads, you should move towards how to use CTA effectively to get more conversions.

How to Use Call to action (CTA) effectively in your blog

It is very important to use CTAs effectively in an article as it can actually help you to get conversions with the rate that you would never have imagined.

Below are the points which we refer to as “Go Grabbers” on how to use CTAs effectively

  • What’s the Motivation?: When writing a blog, there are some objectives behind writing it. It should not be just sales and sales, you have your other pages for that as well. But what you do here is tell people why your product or service is better than others. And you also educate them about what is currently trending in your niche. This way, you not only increase trust with your audience but get a chance of better conversions when they interact with your blogs. And remember, telling them to comment and share is a CTA.
  • Don’t promote yourself everywhere, do subtle branding: As I mentioned earlier, that you don’t need to try to sell on every page of your website, similarly you don’t need to always tell people that you are a company. Apply the 80:20 principal when it comes to marketing. Where 80% is what value you are providing to the people who follow you either on Social Media or your blogs. And 20% is telling them that hey, we are a brand and we can help you out with different things.
The 80/20 Principle
  • Focus on Reader’s Takeaway, what can you give them: Nobody likes to waste their time, well, some people might but since you are reading this blog I know you are not one of those. So, if people feel that they are gaining something from your articles, then only they would like to know more about you and would follow you. Now, things don’t necessarily mean physical or digital only, even if they are gaining some knowledge, just like you are doing right now, they will be happy to follow you.
  • Who doesn’t love Freebies: Don’t you like it when you get a free ebook when you reach over to a website? Yes, you do, and so are the people who will follow you. We have a tendency to feel happy and satisfied when we are offered something for free. Offer anything from free Videos to Blogs to PDFs to Ebooks. And see the graph going upwards exponentially.
Who doesn't like freebies

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