Hi again, I hope you are doing great. We are here to know “What is Lead Generating Popup?”.

Basically, popups are a kind of conversion funnel only. Their job is to turn a potential lead into a subscriber or a paying customer.

Popup asking to subcribe

Now, there is an image that is created in our minds that pop-ups are irritating. Though this can be true for many of the cases, it is not right to say that all the popups are the same. Some of them are really good and appealing to the eyes because of which people get converted into customers.

According to me, the key to creating an effective and efficient lead generating popup is:

  1. How good is your content or product: Anyone who will be willingly subscribing to your blog or purchase your product or service will be first impressed by the quality of the content or the product that you are offering. If they will find any valuable content, then only they will be converted.
  2. How attractive your popup appears: Believe it or not, our eyes tend to stop and look at beautiful things. And this also applies over popups. If your popup is attractive and beautiful, then people will tend to look at it and at least have the courtesy to read what’s on it. And they may sign up over it.
  3. Where and when the popup appears: Does your popup appears as soon as the visitor enters your website? Then you need to make corrections. Does your popup appear over every page a visitor visits on your website? Then you need to make corrections. A popup should appear after some time, i.e. when you think that the reader is almost done reading your blog. Also, it should not appear on every other page of the website, rather, if it is sales popup, then you must add it when the visitor is about to leave the final “Buy This” page.

I hope you are able to understand, what is lead-generating popup and how to create one. Also, check out our other blogs in this series.

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