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Best Video Editor in Delhi

Video Editing is not an out of the blue task. It is a well-planned task requiring many constraints. These constraints are hence what planned according to the requirements of our clients. HashtagPP Productions is the best video editing agency in Delhi and plans your video according to your requirements.

Video Editing Services we provide in Delhi/NCR

Animated Video

Animated Video Editing Services

Animations are a combination of a lot of things together. They thus are required to be edited in a way such that they don’t lose out their essence and the message is conveyed.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video Editing Services

Explainer videos are the best way to speak about your product or service. We thus edit them in a manner that it is easily and clearly conveyed.

Talk Show Video Editing Services

Talk-Shows are one of the best ways to make the video interactive for the target audience. They have an interesting factor and can become more intriguing by the correct video editing.

White Board Animation

Whiteboard Video Editing Services

Whiteboard videos are the best explainer and factual kind of videos. The downside with these videos is they can become less interesting, but the right video editing will handle it.


Corporate films are the gateway to interact with its customers and its own employees. These films are thus designed by us in the same manner.

Documentary Videos


Documentary films are the most detailed form of videos and thus are helpful in giving information about a product or service.



YouTube videos are the most-watched videos on the internet. The key is its editing to be of optimal length with the right thumbnails.

Customer Reviews

I took a chance with HashtagPP Productions Video editing services. The services were above my expectations and enjoyed the professionalism their team has to offer. The services were hassle-free and of genuine quality.

Vikas Khanna

I tried their services for my animated explainer video. The quality was great. They planned the video perfectly. I would recommend others to give it a try.

Chirag Makol

The documentary made by them is so real. It has all the real essence which is required from any documentary. The services are fantastic. It is now my place for video editing services.

Zaki Zaidi

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We have the best video editing services in Delhi. Our services include a plethora of things we offer in Video Editing in Delhi. Our customers are people who are interested in and trust the services that we provide in Video Editing. We provide services in Delhi throughout the region. Thus, the services we provide are thus required by our customers belonging from the corporate and non-corporate background.
HashtagPP production has a team of experts which have a rich and industry quality experience in video editing. Thus, we provide services which are hence required to let you get your desired results. Our video editors are perfect for your marketing strategies and are hence very much compatible with it also. Our video editing is not wholesome on the go process, but it is a step-by-step, carefully designed and planned service which we design according to every project of ours. Thus, the services we provide are designed with total transparency with our clients.

Animated and Explainer Videos in Delhi

A video speaks more than pictures. It is hence nothing more than millions of picture combined together. Animated videos have the edge over other ones. These hence require animation in them but the best part of it they grab the attention of the audience very well. This audience is not limited to age groups. The other major positive in animated videos is they are not boring. These can be easily moulded into explainer videos, and the audience loves them.

Marketing Video Editing Services in Delhi

We make marketing videos designed for your campaigns in aligning with your ideas. Marketing is the best technique to grow your business. Content marketing is the best way to convey your thoughts to others. This thus can be done using videos. Visuals have a great impact on people. People remember them more often. Videos are thus the best way to design visuals in such a manner that they impact your target audience the way you want. Thus you can clearly convey your message through it.

Professional Video Editing in Delhi

We provide the best video editing services in Delhi. The services we provide are unmatched. They hence require the videos to be designed along their lines.

  • Our team of experts have industry quality experience in video editing. They have burned their mettle in the industry and thus design the video in a careful manner.
  • The difference in planning and implementing the same work is wide. We thus have the right kind of people for the job whose expertise bridges this gap.
  • All the services that we provide are designed on each and every aspect of how the client wants to reach its target audience. This is very important, and we plan according to this.
  • We are constantly in touch with our clients. Each and every aspect is shared with them. We provide total transparency and undertake full accountability for our work.

A Professional Video Editor Near Me

  • The rates that we proved according to our services are designed after having years of experience with various clients. The rates that we thus provide are reasonable and best in Delhi.
  • Designs of our services are also the best. We provide each of our design after thorough discussions between our clients and our design team. The design is thus done in a manner that it goes well with our clients and their target audience.
  • Our works are among the best in the industry because of our expertise in our work, the transparency we provide with our clients and the accountability we undertake for even the smallest of our services.
  • Our editing has a good grasp of their work, and more of all, they are very skilled and experienced. We know our work in and out and provide the best to our clients.
  • We are a team of passionate filmmakers. We absolutely love what we do and put our best into all of it.

How to find a good Video Editing Service

A good video editing service is quite a hectic to find out. We have done this work for you. Here’s our guide on how to find a good video editing service:

  • The best way to find a good video editing service is to find it using a search engine. Google it. You will receive the best video editing services in your area. Pick anyone that you like. The question that arises is, how do you know it is good? Whether their services are legitimate or not? Will they be able to provide services in a manner in which you want? The answer lies in visiting their website.
  • Visit the website and check it thoroughly. The key is to look at their work and how they present it. The work thus requires to be according to the needs of their requirements. Take a look at their services. Look what their clients have to say about them. Reviews are one of the best ways to know about something. Read the reviews of their services. If you feel that they are good, give them a chance and contact them.


All types of Videos

We provide video editing services. Video Editing is a very broad term and includes various things in it. We thus provide a variety of videos and corporate films suited for you according to your needs and requirements.

  • Engaging Videos
    • Sensitive videos are impactful and hence are engaging videos. Emotions are something that makes a man have its real personality, and if they are struck with the right message and way through the forms of video, they can contribute a lot to the business growth and have a lot of shares on social media as well. If you’re hitting the sensitive chord of your audience, then the key is to make sure the videos are much sensitive


  • Appealing Videos
    • Appealing videos are some of the best forms of corporate video production. These types of videos are much more attractive than some other kinds of videos because of their aesthetic nature. Aesthetic videos are beautiful yet compelling. Visuals in videos and photos format are the forms that are the most appealing. It grabs the audience’s attention very quickly. Visuals are hence much more impactful.


  • Corporate Videos
    • Corporate Videos are very much useful in showing what the corporate has and what it wants to provide to its target audience. These videos are thus very much required for the corporate. It can be used for their potential customer base and also for its employees. We design this kind of videos.


  • Animated Films
    • Animated films are suited for all age groups and are hence more appealing because of the sarcastic or emotional factor they provide. It is a treat to watch them. They are also one of the best things to have in your video marketing arsenal.


  • Product Videos
    • Product videos are these types of videos. They are specifically designed to sell a person’s product better. Brands use these to let the audience be intrigued by their product and to make their product likable. Videos with a better optimal length, correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and showcasing and selling their idea or product make the best product video.

What we provide to our Customers

We provide quality service along with full transparency and accountability of our work to our clients. The process through which we do this is detailed. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients rather than doing a single task and forgetting about them. Thus, we nurture our professional relationships with our clients. A project of a client is a project of ours, and we treat it with the same importance. We understand the project. We don’t go by just looking at it and immediately start phasing it out. We have a team of experts who sit and think about it. The project is thoroughly discussed with the client in a detailed manner. Then we plan on it.

We build a portfolio around the project. This portfolio consists of every detail on the project. The plan of action is thus prepared on considering the portfolio. Thus, we plan your video. After this, based on the portfolio, we prepare a demo video. The demo video is thus then shared with our client, and the reviews are taken extremely seriously. The video editing is thus then started after it.

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