We are back with another top thing you can do during the lockdown. And today we are going to talk about what are the Top skills to learn during lockdown 2.0.

And here we go.

The First skill we have is:

  • Learn Financial Education: One of the things that is important yet not taught in the education system. Financial Education has everything to do with your paper, your money, like How to do your taxes, How to understand accounting and bookkeeping or how and where to invest your money. You can start learning it with a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.
Top skills to learn durning Lockdowwn 2.0
  • Graphics Designing: Learning Graphics Designing can turn out to be an additional source of your income. And if you are thinking that you should be good at sketching or painting, this is not necessarily the case. I think if you are able to understand the colour schemes (which you will after some practise) then you are good to go and there should not be a problem.
Top skills to learn during Lockdown 2.0
  • Digital Marketing: The most booming career of this time. There is no reason to not upgrade yourself as a Digital Marketer. And after this lockdown is over, companies will need to market themselves and their products aggressively so they will need Digital Marketers for the organization.
Top skills to learn during Lockdown 2.0
  • Video Editing: How much video content are you consuming these days or on normal days as well. Whether its Netflix or Youtube, everything is video. So don’t you think that it is going to be even more popular with coming time and so will be the need for video editing? If you are wondering where to start learning, we have created a complete guide that answers everything about Video Editing.
Top skills to learn during Lockdown 2.0
  • Content Writing: Last but not least, Content Writing is again the need of the hour that you can monetise as much as you want. Content Writing and digital marketing can go hand in hand now. Whether it’s to write an engaging blog post or an email template or simply a caption for the social media posts, companies lookout for quality content writers which can provide them value.
Top skills to learn during Lockdown 2.0
Front view of a young brunette businesswoman which is working on the laptop and writing smth down

The above are the Top skills to learn during lockdown 2.0.

We hope we are able to provide some value to you with this blog. Also check out our other blogs in this series:

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Do let us know about what skill/s will you learn during the lockdown extension.