Yeah, so the lockdown has been increased and we are still not able to go out and satisfy our cravings to get some tasty snacks. So here are the “top 5 dishes to cook during lockdown”.

The sole purpose of mentioning these dishes is taste and easiness to cook.

  • Momos: Oh, you expected that didn’t you? You are craving for those dumplings and the chilly sauce along with it. Oh, see you got your mouth watered. There can’t be more ease dish that you can prepare to get your cravings satisfied. Do experiments like the fried momos, wheat momos, cheese momos and even tandoori momos.

You can check out the momo recipe here: Veg Momos Recipe

  • Samosa: You have been longing these for too long now. This Indian version of Momos is everybody’s favourite and the best part is it requires little efforts and ingredients. Now you can have samosas anytime you want and you will not limit yourself with one only, because 1 is never enough.

You can check out the Samosa recipe here: Aloo Samosa Recipe

Indian special traditional street food “SAMOSA”
  • Gol Gappe: Panipuri, Pani-patashe, well, no matter what you call them they are pure water balls of heaven. The crispiness of the puri and the spiciness of the pani and a dash of the sweetness of the saunth (the red sweet sauce). Yes, now you can actually make these at home. Though the process can be pretty long but the result as you know will be worth the wait.

You can check out the Gol Gappe recipe here: Gol Gappe Recipe

Indian special traditional Street food Gol Gappa
  • Dalgona Coffee: Yeah, no list is complete without this rockstar. You have got to try this out and post a story over Instagram.

Here is the recipe link to Dalgona coffee: Dalgona Coffee Recipe

  • Cakes and other bakery items: We would like to end this list with soft and sweet words and dishes. Try out that chocolate cake you wanted to make for so long.

Check out an easy chocolate cake recipe here: Chocolate Cake Recipe

So this is it for now, the above were the “top 5 dishes to cook during lockdown”, I hope you will try them and enjoy.

In the end, I would like to say. Stay home and stay safe. And share your pictures with us at our Instagram handle @hashtagppproductions

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