What is your level of Boredom in Lockdown!

How Bored Are you in the Lockdown?

Boredom in Lockdown

Lockdown has affected us all, some are bored, a few going crazy. Check your % of boredom in Lockdown

How Bored Are you?

1. Installed Ludo / Gartic / Tambola recently
2. Stalked your ex / crush
3. Thought of Going Outside just to see if Cops Chase You
4. Watched Full Episode of Mann ki baat
5. Sleep Cycles is totally messed up and have no control over sleep
6. Cleaned your room, willingly
7. Spending more than 4 hours on Instagram, Daily!
8. Cooked / Tried Cooking new dishes
9. Feel Like Eating Every 2 Hours and Regret it Later
10. Missing your boss shouting and long team meets
11. Binge Watched at least 4 shows during lockdown on netflix

All 1 questions completed!

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How Bored Are you in the Lockdown?

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