Hello and welcome to our blog, this time we are going to discuss what are landing pages and we will also do an in-depth analysis of how to create a good and attractive landing page.

Hold on the seat belts and let’s get started.

What is a landing page?

When it comes to Digital Marketing, landing pages are described as webpage especially created for certain campaigns or events. 

Well, if to be spoken in a more generic way, landing page is exactly what the name says, people land on a page and that page becomes a landing page. Wait, does this mean that any page can be landing page?

Technically, yes, any page can be considered as a landing page. For example, your website page or a youtube video that you landed upon, any Instagram profile that you might have discovered can be considered as a landing page. But generally, people tend to shift towards specialized tools like Unbounce, Landingi etc.

Difference Between landing page and a home page

I knew you might wonder about this. Here we go.

A Home page of a website has many distractions which can make your potential customer lose interest quickly. Whereas a landing page is purely focused on what you want your customer to focus on. Examples can be any event or special offers.

The home page may be able to occupy the leads for a longer period of time but it is unable to make conversions whereas a landing page, being dedicated to the objective has a higher conversion rate. And this is what counts as a business. CONVERSIONS.

Check out the two examples below:

Difference between Landing Page and Home Page
Difference between Landing Page and Home Page

Types of landing pages

There are majorly 2 types of landing pages. These are:

  1. Lead Generating Landing Page
  2. Click-Through Landing Page

We will discuss both of these, one after the other.

Lead Generating Landing Pages

These are also called “Lead Gen” landing pages. What these pages do is they collect the information of a potential customer which is right now (while filling up the form) is a lead. For example, these pages contain a form that asks for Name, Email, Phone Number and other information which are relevant for the business.

The second type.

Click-Through Landing Pages

These are frequently used by ecommerce websites. And these pages are kind of direct selling pages and usually, there is a “Buy Now” button on these pages. This should be used when you are sure that a lead will turn into a paying customer.

With that said, let’s move further.

When to use a landing page?

The thing is, there is no such thing as ‘when to use it’. Because you can use it whenever you want.

  • Launching a new product? Say it with a landing page.
  • Launching a new business model? Advertise it with a landing page.
  • Running a special discount offer? Tell the world using a landing page.

You see, there are endless instances where you can use a good and attractive converting landing page. Which brings me to our next point.

How to create attractive landing pages?

We will go step by step into it.

Keep it simple

How many times have you heard the saying, ‘simplicity is the key’? This is what you should use in order to get a good, clear and attractive landing page. Too much clumsiness in the landing page kills the objective of the page.

Keep it simple

Show off your testimonials

Why would people want to give you their details forget about buying if you are not going to tell them that people like your product or that you are a reputable brand in the industry? So, it is important to show off what your existing customers and other brands say about you.

Show off your testimonials

Make your landing page Mobile Friendly

Super most important point right now. If your page is not mobile-friendly, then do not even bother to create one. It is of no use. So make sure to make your page mobile-friendly if you are going to create one.

Have a clear call-to-action

It is so important to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. After all, this is the point having a landing page right? You can learn more about the Call to action from our blog Why CTAs are important?

This is it from this blog. Hope you liked it. If you have any questions regarding the blog, you can always comment us down below.