Okay, so we’ve got just a few more days till the lockdown, as introduced by our Prime Minister, as a result of Corona Virus (COVID-19) is over. And to be honest all of us are not certain whether or not this lockdown will extent or not. But we like to have a look at the brighter aspect, we here are going to inform you How to avoid infection after lockdown.

First things first.

Continue practising Quarantine and Isolation

This is actually the first step of protecting yourself and others from the infection.

Do not simply go out of the house as quickly because the lockdown is over. You are not some animal kept in a cage waiting for freedom. Be sensible at the moment. Stay home, keep away from meeting folks, follow SOCIAL DISTANCING after this as effectively, at least for some days.

Why? because there might be some idiots who will leap out of there houses to eat outdoors or to meet their buddies or whatever they wished to do throughout this lockdown phase.

Here, by staying at home you will not only shield yourself but you are also helping in stopping the spread of the virus.

Here comes the next point.

Wash your hands and avoid handshakes

It’s a no brainer. I mean at least the spread of COVID-19 has taught us how to wash our hands correctly. So we should continue this good habit.

And we all know that we can’t handshake with people around us so better not do it after the lockdown as well.

Coming up subsequent.

Go as digital as you’ll be able to

By this, I mean you should still keep away from physical currency for transactions as much as you’ll be able to. If possible, still opt for work from home. You can do video calls, chats with your friends or simply watch Netflix but do not go out for in search of leisure.

Because the Corona phase is not over yet and we all know that it’s an extremely communicable and infectious illness. It’s not an epidemic but a pandemic which means it is not just in regards to the National Health but International.

And here comes the final point:

Do not panic in case of emergency

We all know some people around us who are panicking right now due to the COVID-19, but it is not going to help anyway. The best thing you do to avoid panicking is shut consuming the news and other content that is spreading negativity. You can just have a look at the numbers if you are extremely curious.

A website called Worldometer.com where you can have a look at what is the rate of Coronavirus. Trust me, that is enough for us to know.

With that said above were some important points to remember to protect yourself from the infection of COVID-19 after the lockdown.

We know that the numbers are high and it will take time to get things to normal. But, all of us are in this together and if taken the right and responsible steps, we will be able to fight this off collectively. We have got to flatten the curve.

And we will have a greater and a brighter future together.