We are at a point where the cases of infection are rising exponentially and if it would not have been extended, the consequences would be much worse than the current scenario.

If the lockdown would not have been extended then the whole point of the 21 day lockdown would be useless as people would start to travel around again and the infection levels could rise again.

How will the economy survive?

Well this is a highly debatable point, but the thing is if we would not have extended the lockdown, then we will loose lives on a huge scale. Also, the economy will have to suffer more due to the Coronavirus than the lockdown and the extended lockdown combined.

Should you go for a flu vaccine to ward off corona virus?

No, this should not be done as the Coronavirus is a very robust virus and unless a proper vaccine or a medicine is available, please do not create a mess by consuming any medicine or vaccine. Not even hydroxychloroquine should be consumed as a cure to the virus.

What to do in this extended lockdown?

If not already, this is your chance to be productive and learn any new skill. Even if you are not able to master it, you will still be able to learn descently about the new skill.

Meditate, a highly highlt important thing in the times like these. I am sure you would be stressing out about how the things are going to happen and stress occurs when mind is highly playful and active. Meditation diverts this energy into calmness and you feel relaxed.

Eat healthily, I know you are watching Instagram stories and posts of your friends cooking new and unhealthy dishes, but trust me, you don’t need these types of food in these times. It is only going to help you with being more stressful.