So, you want to have some fun and what’s a better way than to use face morphing apps and get your face swapped with anyone. Though you can find plenty of apps over the play store or the app-store that claim to provide you with face swapping feature. But to be honest these apps don’t actually turn out to be successful enough in doing such a thing.

Also, there are many free apps that can actually help you get your face morphed with anyone but the watermark just makes it not that appealing enough.

Here is where comes Snapchat, yes, Snapchat has the feature to calm down your weird desires. With Snapchat, you can actually swap your face with anyone in the world.

The catch is, you should have an image of ‘the person you want to swap faces with’ and you are good to go.

Click a photograph or create a video.

What happens is Snapchat detects the face in the image and puts it on your face and trust us it looks hilarious and entertaining. And yes, it can prove to be Instagram worthy too.

Here is an awesome video that we found over Youtube. In this video, you will find a demo on how to use Snapchat to morph your faces.

1 Open Snapchat App

2 Click filters

3 Swipe until you find Face Swap

4 Select one of the images from your camera roll

5 Take pictures or videos and enjoy