Social media is one of the best tools that the world has at its disposal today. The world of social media is attentive, engaging and very much addictive. Social media has some of the best tools at its disposal to maximize its engagement and increase the viewers count. The like, share and subscribe mechanism through various social media platforms make it more engaging and adds a human touch to it. This makes social media a great platform to conduct business and hence creates a fantastic opportunity for marketing.

The way to market yourself and reach to maximum people possible goes through social media. This way requires a showcase which is your brand’s channel. This channel provides with the latest tips, marketing techniques and tools to build and showcase your brand. A corporate production house makes this channel for you. It creates videos not showcase or to buy or sell but to share. It does not showcase your brand’s product or services but what it does is to share your idea, which ultimately helps in building the brand’s image. HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR understand social media marketing and will promote your brand to share with maximum people possible. These videos are broadly categorized into seven categories.


  1. Aesthetic
  2. Informational
  3. Sensitive and Impactful
  4. Sarcastic and Appealing
  5. Factual yet Interesting
  6. Encouraging
  7. Message Driven
  8. Summary

Aesthetic Videos

Appealing videos are some of the best forms of corporate video production. These types of videos are much more attractive than some other kinds of videos because of their aesthetic nature. Aesthetic videos are beautiful yet compelling. Visuals in videos and photos format are the forms that are the most appealing. It grabs the audience’s attention very quickly. Visuals are hence much more impactful. In the social media world, every video needs to reach the maximum number of people possible from the brand’s target audience. Aesthetic videos do this thing for your brand. Corporate video production has aesthetic videos as one of the best tools in its toolbox to build your brand’s image.

Informational Videos

Social media marketing has three types of components, namely, blogging and visual marketing which contains photo marketing and video marketing. Video marketing is the most appealing and impactful due to its aesthetic factor. This makes the videos more engaging. Hence, videos are the best form to reach the maximum number of people possible. Suppose your brand is going some significant changes and you have to reach your customers to make them aware of your brand’s policies and its standpoint. Does the question arise how to reach? The answer is through videos. Videos can be informational, and because of their aesthetic nature, it can impact and reach your target audience. Corporate video production understands this.

Informational Videos

Sensitive and Impactful

Sensitive videos are impactful and hence are engaging videos. Emotions are something that makes a man have its real personality, and if they are struck with the right message and way through the forms of video, they can contribute a lot to the business growth and have a lot of shares on social media as well. If you’re hitting the sensitive chord of your audience, then the key is to make sure the videos are much sensitive. These sensitive videos trigger human emotions. Human emotions are quite strong and can cause an enormous impact on the target audience. Engaging videos are thus made with an emotional component.

Sarcastic and Appealing

Sarcasm is one of the foremost things which builds human-to-human interaction. It is one of those things which adds a human touch to it. The same thing happens with videos. Sarcastic videos are the ones that are much interesting and at the same time more appealing than before. There are many videos and channels that have a huge view count and subscriber count, respectively, due to the sarcasm factor in it. Stand-up comedy trends because of the same element. When the attention of the viewers are grabbed, the message can be added to the video and thus, it can be made appealing at the same time.

Factual yet Interesting

Facts can be much much dull. It can be too much boring also when written. They are not that much boring when given in a visual form through photos. Facts can be interesting when they are provided through videos. These videos can be aesthetic, funny, sensitive, encouraging, impactful or engaging and thus can be clubbed with facts. The key is that the creator knows how to present them in an engaging way for engaging videos.

Factual Videos

Encouraging Videos

Motivation can be served in any form, and if it is told with a video format, then it can be genuinely eye-catching. Many companies hire specific role models to promote their products and their words of encouragement or struggle story attract people and make them reach for the product in no time soon. These videos impact the user a way more possible due to its connect factor. This video gives the user the “so me” factor. Encouraging videos are one of the best elements to communicate with the audience and hence are much engaging.

Message Driven Videos

The companies have the plan to attract the customers and to share their USP or a hidden message with the viewers. The words shall be shared in a deceiving way so that the viewers shall not think that the sole purpose of making the video is to promote the product or service. A proper and respectful message shared with the audience makes the videos much more engaging.

HashtagPP Productions in Delhi NCR is a corporate production video house that creates these types of engaging videos for social media. Lastly, if you’re somewhat interested in gaining a rich and nurtured filmmaking experience and are interested in leaping forward in corporate filmmaking, do check out this link to book a free 15-minute session with our film making experts.