Why images?

The visual form of an idea is the best source to speak your mind. Visuals are much more ingrained in the memory. It is something with which the user can relate too. Images are the first thing to come into mind before words or written content. It adds charm to your marketing campaign. Images are much more captivating and explain your product and videos in a better and detailed manner. Visual marketing through images is one of the best forms of marketing. It increases your brand’s portfolio and adds to your other marketing strategies like video marketing and social media marketing. The question and the problem that lies with image marketing are the sources to find copyright free images for blogs.

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Table of Content

  1. Why CC0 images?
  2. Recommendable sources for CC0 images
    1. Freerange
    2. Unsplash
    3. Pexels
    4. Flickr
    5. Life of Pix
    6. StockSnap
    7. Pixabay
  3. Summary

Why CC0 images?

Many images around the world are not free and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Images are nonetheless very much required in a blog. Pictures are necessary since they speak more than words. They add a bonus to your blog and leaves a long-lasting impression about your blog on your users and your target audience. These images are divided into two categories, namely pexels license and Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. CC0 allows the user to use images under its license for commercial purposes, providing if the user and brand agree to some terms and conditions. It will enable using all photographs under it for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Giving credit to the photographer and user is not compulsory but is much appreciated. The photos can be edited or adapted according to the wishes of the user.

Recommendable sources for CC0 images

CC0 images are available for commercial and non-commercial purposes under its license. The photos are beneficial in blogging, provided the user knows the free sources for them to enhance his or her blog.

Freerange provides a massive collection of stock photographs to the user to make it compatible with his or her brand. These photographs are business-friendly and can be used a lot in marketing and branding. It also offers a contribution of yours to the sharing of Google Ad-sense revenue. This immediately puts a boost on your brand. The best thing about photos at Freerange is that they are keywords compatible and comes with it. This helps a lot in your blogs and will immediately boost in Search Engine Optimization component of your blog.

It is another project like Freerange. It provides a variety of sources and options for stock photography. A massive collection of photographs is available for you at a click. The primary factor in Unsplash is that it has stock photography and provides graphic designing work too. Some of this work is much compatible with the photographs, and your blogs and some designs are available for free.

Pexels is an industry leader in stock photography. It also has a vast bundle of stock photographs available at your disposal. It has turned into a stock photo library. The vision of pexels can be seen through its mission statement, which says, “Empowering Creators.” It has a unique stock photography library not only showing photographs on the Pexels website but also on other high-quality sites, thus outsourcing images. Pexels screen their models to ensure high-quality resolution based images are always available on their website.

Flickr has one of the most extensive stock-based photography libraries in the stock photography industry. This is quite an exciting and curious factor considering Flickr is not a company based on the public domain. Nonetheless, it has a vast collection of stock photographs at its disposal. It acts as an excellent and extensive resource for stock photography.

The brand is just as the name suggests. Life of Pix shows the story and life of a photograph. It has some of the best stock photography collections in the world. This impressive collection of stock photography is available on its website for free. It also has a similar initiative like Life of Pix. Life of Vids is a similar initiative like Life of Pix showcasing stock videos available for free.

StockSnap provides a vast collection of stock-based photography images. You and your brand can use it to help build yourselves and your business. The models available at StockSnap can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. StockSnap library has been divided based on many photos categories. This category varies from casual photographs to travel and business or commercial use photos. StockSnap is definitely a try if you’re looking for free images for stock-based photography.

Pixabay is just like any other stock-based photography collection library. The thing that makes it different from any other stock-based photo library is that it allows the camera to search for photos. The photos available here are also free and can be used for commercial purposes. The images it has been allowed to be explored through camera put it on foot forward from its other competitors in the industry.


Stock-based photography and free images are a significant pillar of the blogging industry. The sources discussed here are of the utmost importance in going through CC0 images. The benefit of all these sources is that they provide images that are free from watermarks.

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