So, we are here in this situation where we cannot work in our respective offices. But this is no reason why one must not work effectively and efficiently. This is why we have come up with “How to boost productivity during lockdown“.

We understand that work from home jobs can turn out to be ‘not so’ effective and productive. But we have to maintain isolation and quarantine for the greater good. What can we do?

Of course, phone calls are a no brainer but to provide you with an extra edge, below are some power tools that can save you time and can help you be more productive.

Before I mention these, I want to say that no matter if you are an employee and employer. The tools will turn out to be equally useful for both of you.

The first tool I am going to mention is:


In an organisation, time management is a lock and Bitrix24 is the key to that lock. With the help of this platform the clients, employees and projects can be managed all at once. You can know the demand of your client, what are the important tasks for the day, the performance of employees and the project details all under one roof.

Bitrix24 is a freemium platform. If your organization is not huge, you can use the free version and that should be enough to manage your team.

Here is a screenshot of the pricing plans.

Bitrix24 Pricing Plans

Let’s get to the next one.


How many times do we face technical problems with our computer system at the 11th hour and then we are calling someone for help. It is easier when you are in office but what to do when you are at home?

This is where TeamViewer comes for the rescue. It is very easy for someone to assist you with technical difficulty.

It is free for personal use and it is paid for commercial use. Again, you can leverage the personal version of Teamviewer.

Here is a screenshot of the pricing plans.

Teamviewer Pricing Plans

Okay, so the next is:

Skype or Zoom

We all know that remote jobs require video chats and these are the ones. You might already know these, but I can’t just ‘not’ mention them. Skype is efficient for smaller video chats and Zoom is suitable for organization-level video chats. Also, Zoom has a pricing plan for its users and Skype is free to use.

Here are the pricing plans for zoom.

Zoom Pricing Plans

You can read an article Skype vs Zoom to know which platform is suitable for you.

Let’s head to the next

Dropbox or WeTransfer

File sharing is the root of any company irrespective of it is small or big. Both are great file sharing platforms. Both have a free version where you get 2 GB storage space.

You can check out this article Dropbox vs WeTransfer to know what suits you best.

Also, here are the pricing for both

Dropbox Pricing Plan
WeTransfer Pricing Plans

And now here are the last tools that I have to offer you for today.

Facebook and Instagram

Okay, don’t kill me for this but what is the first thing you do when you start your day? Check out the mobile for the notifications isn’t it? And these days everyone is using their mobile phones like crazy and platforms like Facebook and Instagram are being bombarded with people even more.

So why not use this opportunity for creating content that people are searching for people and leveraging that content for your own benefit. You know what I am talking about. It’s Content Marketing. These times are best to market your social media like never before.

So go on and create some helpful and relevant content which your audience is looking for.

So these were some handy online tools that you can use to boost productivity during lockdown.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Productive.