Animated videos are one of the catchiest videos available in video production. It enables the user to interact with the audience irrespective of their gender and age. It is regardless of communities and is hence one of the best forms of videos for video marketing. This will require the corporate filmmaker to go beyond his or her niche and look for a video that caters the needs of both the audience and the corporate. It requires a change in mindset and creative experience from filmmaking. Animated Explainer videos explain these options in a much artistic and aesthetic manner.

Social media marketing has three types of components, namely, blogging and photo and video marketing. Video marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing because of the easily craftable nature that makes it easier to mould it into any shape by the creator. Animated explainer videos explain a brand’s product or service in a soothing and relaxed way. It grabs the attention of people and then sells your product. The video creates a massive impact on the audience.


The script is the manuscript of animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos have a different impact on the audience. A text made by a professional gives this perspective to the audience. It bridges the gap between the product or service and the message that the animated explainer video is trying to provide.

A script writer writing a script


The video’s duration should be of the optimal time to interest the audience towards it. A video interests the audience when its length is short and is of around 2-3 minutes. This makes the video more watchable and increases the shareable factor of the video. The same phenomenon is applied to animation explainer videos. An ideal video is created with the entire duration.


Audio quality interacts with the user. It makes the user know how good the quality of the audio is. An excellent sound quality impacts the video creating a long-lasting impact on the audience. The voice has a tendency to create a visual and voice effect on the listener. This will make your video remembered and will trend a lot.


You are selling your product or service. This product or service will define your brand. An animated explainer video will represent your product or service, and thus it will help you determine the purpose or the vision behind your brand. Therefore your animated explainer video should be backed up with the relevant and adequate fact and figures. This requires proper and in-depth relevant research. The research done by the research team can make or break your video.

No complications

We discussed earlier in the article the need for a swift, crisp and to the point video. The video should deliver a clear message without any complications. To achieve this, a clear path should be followed by the creator of the video to provide a clear signal about the product or service. The way should be problem, solution, function and action. It will ensure that a clear message without complications has been delivered by the video.


It is essential to make it easier and understandable for your audience. The video should have a significant effect on the audience without creating any vulnerabilities of any kind. The video, along with its clear message, should also create a great impact on the audience. This impact thus created will ensure that your brand creates a considerable amount of audience base for yourself. It will increase your chance to mark your presence through your product or your service.

Target Audience


You have created a video that speaks both your mind and your brand. But how to ensure that it reaches your audience. Thus there is a need for proper planning of videos. It should be clearly and concretely thought how to launch the video, how to channel it, how to make it reach people through social media and how to channelize your video as links over distant sources.


Mandatory testing of the video is essential before launching it. People remember people more by their failures than their success. The video should be well put and well thought too. Every aspect of the video should be tested before making it into a plan and turning the program into the action. All the steps declared should be checked before launching the video.


Place the video on the wrong page, and probably it will never have any views. So it is crucial to place the video on the “Homepage” so that it catches the viewer’s attention as soon as the website is opened. The video should be placed in a manner that it integrates immaculately with the brand and content of the page. This placement will ensure that your video reaches the right audience at the correct time.

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